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Workshop 20th of May

The new Explosive Mode Speed & Strength Workshop will take place in Luxembourg city on the 20th of May. These three amazing hours of sports theory and Explosive Mode training will complement your current fitness lifestyle. The commonly overlooked growth potential of fast twitch muscle fibers and the forgotten fun of explosive sports will take your training to the next level.

Sat 20th May 12.00-15.00

(12-14 seminar, 14-15 practical application in training facility)

169.00 €

General workshop details


Have you ever wondered why you don't see any top athletes in a regular gym? What equipment do they use for their training and how do they really train? Now you have a chance to learn the science behind the training methods used in speed dominant sports such as ice-hockey, American football, ski jump, handball and athletics. Best of all, you also get to try the exercises right away in the best indoor facility in Luxembourg.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

• Add new explosive exercises to their current training regime

• Have an overview of studies done on explosive strength training

• Understand how and when to apply special training methods such as eccentric overloading, contrast training and over-speed training

• Learn PNF stretches for quicker recovery after training sessions

• Learn intra-training recovery methods for maximum performance within a training session

• Apply simple periodization to peak for competions and to sustain motivation


Training for Performance vs Aesthetics

• Studies on performance and protein synthesis

• How to Break Down Muscle Tissue Most Efficiently

• Training Frequency

Special Techniques for Explosive Mode Training

• Sprinting vs Running

• Contrast Training

• Why Boxers Play Basketball

Tapering for a Meet

• Benefits of Periodization

Studies on Recovery

• How and When Should you Stretch?

• Are Ice Baths worth the Pain?

The Explosive Mode Workshop with Eric Snaell the Fit Businessman

Target Audience

• Recreational athletes

Our Lead Experts

Eric Snaell is the author of the Fit Businessman book, the Head coach of Explosive Mode and a banker by profession. He brings a fresh breath of reality to the fitness industry by introducing elite training pricinciples to recreational athletes. Still an active competitor, Eric competed in the European Club Championships in Athletics last year.

Useful information

Language: English.

Bring sport clothes as the last hour of the workshop will be spent training. The training facility is at walking distance from the seminar room. The training facility has showers.

12.00-15.00, 20th of May 2017

Seminar Venue

Explosive Mode Offices

7, Rue de Bitbourg

L-1273 Luxembourg

Training Venue

Reebok Crossfit Valens

20, Rue de Puepliers

L-2328 Luxembourg

Limited places. Sign up by paying the participation fee of EUR 169 to LU53 0019 4255 11 53 4000 (BCEELULL) by the 14th of May.

For more information:

visit our MeetUp page

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